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  • Top 99% in Patient Satisfaction

    Top 99% in Patient Satisfaction

    From communication to pain control, we are exceeding expectations. According to patient surveys submitted to the leading patient satisfaction organization, RWJ hospitals are among the best in the nation.

  • Nationally Certified

    Nationally Certified

    Earning the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for hip, knee and spine surgery shows our commitment to excellence and the positive outcomes our joint replacement patients receive.

  • Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery

    Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery

    Accuracy is critical to achieving the best results. Using the MAKOplasty® surgical robot, our surgeons in Hamilton are able to personalize your procedure to achieve an advanced level of accuracy and alignment.

  • Coordinated Care

    Coordinated Care

    Excellence happens because of a dedicated team. An orthopedic coordinator follows each patient from the time they are scheduled for surgery, providing education and communication, and monitoring clinical quality.

Orthopedic Services

The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Orthopedic Centers combine world class medical care, personalized attention, and innovative research to provide the best possible treatment for our patients. Our highly-skilled surgeons and physicians offer early diagnosis and sophisticated techniques to treat and manage conditions caused by arthritis, injuries, congenital issues, and general wear and tear. From our fellowship trained surgeons in Hamilton and New Brunswick who spent an additional year training in joint replacement to our physical therapists specializing in sports health in Somerset, Rahway, Scotch Plains and Carteret, we literally have everything you’ve been aching for.

  • Arthroscopy
  • Spinal surgery, including minimally invasive back and neck procedures
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Hand and wrist surgery
  • Shoulder and elbow surgery
  • Total and partial knee replacement, including robotic surgery
  • Hip surgery and replacement, including anterior approach and robotic hip replacement
  • Comprehensive knee and hip replacement rehabilitation program
  • Fracture fixation
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Community joint replacement seminars
  • Sports medicine
  • Level I Trauma Center support
  • Same day knee and hip surgery

Learn from Our Experts

Meet our orthopedic experts and learn about conditions and treatment options.
Get answers to your questions in this RWJ-TV series.

Anterior Hip Replacement

What are the benefits to an anterior approach? When are you ready for hip replacement?

Hip & Knee

How do you know it’s time for surgery and how do you prepare? What is the latest in minimally invasive surgery?

A Focus on the Arm

What are surgical and non-surgical treatments for tennis elbow, bursitis, hand injury and carpal tunnel?

Spine: Neck & Back

What are treatment options and what is spinal fusion? How do you choose a surgeon?

Joint Replacement

What is the surgery like? What is involved in recovery and rehabilitation?


Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery at RWJ Hamilton


Increased accuracy and shorter recovery times are just two of the many advantages that MAKOplasty robotic arm-assisted surgery offers to those in need of total hip replacement or partial knee resurfacing. And with less scarring and a smaller incision, MAKOplasty is truly everything you’ve been aching for.

“Having technology like MAKOplasty robotic surgery is a great benefit for our patients who can now get the state-of-the-art care they deserve close to home.”

John Schnell, MD – Section Chief, Orthopedic Surgery

Learn from Our Patients

"Before this surgery, on a good day I would go to work, come home and just get in bed. My quality of life was absolutely nothing. I just tried to get through it every day."
“The only pain I felt was from the stitches. I was able to do everything I did before the surgery in no time at all. And my care at Robert Wood Johnson was wonderful.”
“I wanted to go into it (the surgery) with as much information as possible. I discussed this with several people who had knee replacements and the most difficult part of their experience was not being able to recover at home.”
"I was very nervous to put weight on my foot. I was more scared than I was with knee surgery. My ankle is so much better than it was. And I'm excited just to be wearing matching shoes again. "
“I have no limitations now. I owe it all to the Joint Surgery Center. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
"I'm power walking four miles a day. I am getting in a great workout every day and I feel like myself again."
"I've worked on these surgeries for years, but seeing it now from the other side, I have a new appreciation for what we are doing for these patients."
"I remember wanting to walk much farther than we intended that day. They had to remind me not to push too much. The great thing was, I felt like I could."
"Working with Dave was a really great experience. He really knows his patients and the right exercises for them. He challenges you in the right ways and helps you get to your goals."